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GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SERVICE `@Legend of the Green Dragon`0 is a free multiplayer online game that provides its service under the following conditions: About the game: 1.- The provision of the service consists in making available to the user the pages of the game, always subject to the service that in turn the internet providers where they are housed and taking into account that it is a free game. 2.- It is an online game in construction that, due to its development in order to promote the interest and the gameplay of it for all users, will experience modifications, changes and advances, which will affect the different users, without it suppose no right of these to keep the game in a certain version. Likewise, as a consequence of the development, errors could occur that affect the characteristics or items of the user's game account, which fact, when registering and accepting these conditions, they take for granted, without this implying obligation on the part of the Administration to restore the user said items or characteristics to a previous state. Although, the user can present his particular case before the Administration and it would assess how to proceed, even though it is not obliged to do so. 3.- The user can play `@The Legend of the Green Dragon`0 through standard web browsers, not being allowed to use additional systems, web scans, scripts or other means. If the use of them causes damage to the user's account, they are the responsibility of the user. If as a consequence of said use there is damage to the game or to other users, the Administration is authorized to deny access to the game of said user and delete his account. 4.- The use of errors or bugs in the game is not allowed for personal benefit, and the affected user is sanctioned, which can range from temporary blocking or alteration of items or characteristics of the game, to expulsion, facts that will value the Administration based on the severity and / or recidivism by the user. 5.- El juego ofrece un servicio de comunicación entre usuarios mediante mensajes, que en ningún momento debe entenderse como correo privado, pues para eso ya existen otros programas. Cada usuario es responsable de los mensajes que envíe, no pudiendo usar dicho servicio para hacer spam, chantaje, amenaza, coacción, enviar contenido xenófobo, racista, discriminatorio, pornográfico, violento, u ofensivo para usuarios y/o Administración. Tales actos serán sancionados en función de su gravedad, pudiendo ser los usuarios afectados objeto desde bloqueos temporales y reducción de características o ítems, hasta bloqueos permanentes. About the users: 6.- The user character of the game is acquired after acceptance of the general conditions and registration through the corresponding form through the website. 7.- The registration in the game, as well as its participation in it, implies the express acceptance of these General Conditions. Likewise, the user agrees to read them regularly to keep them always present as well as the changes that may occur in them. 8.- The user is responsible for the veracity of the data provided. It also declares to have the minimum age to participate or otherwise have the corresponding authorization from their legal guardians to participate in this game. The user consents that said data be stored for the sole purpose of providing the game service. At any time you can exercise your rights of access, rectification and cancellation by contacting the Game Administration. 9.- Each user is responsible for keeping their account information and password secret. 10.- The attempt to access or access accounts of other users, the real or fictitious identity theft within the game and, as well as the hacking actions suppose the erasure of the offending user as well as his permanent blockade and veto, in addition to the legal actions that may be exercised against you. 11.- Each user can only have a single account in the game. To contravene this rule supposes the erasure of the secondary accounts and the exercise of sanctioning actions in the main account that can go from the modification of characteristics or items or the temporary blockade, to the permanent blockade and erasure. Those persons who, for reasons of familiarity or coexistence, share the same connection, must request from the Administration prior authorization for the coexistence of accounts, and this must be done according to the conditions stipulated in said authorization, among them the non-membership of a same city or country within the game, as well as that there is no type of relationship (purchases, schools, benefits of charge, ...) between both players. Those accounts that the Administration authorizes collaborators for testing or cooperation purposes, and always under the conditions given in said authorization, are exempt from this rule. 12.- The user agrees to maintain a climate of cordiality and respect with all users and with the Administration, taking into account that disrespect may be subject to punishment depending on the severity of the same, going from blocking temporary until the expulsion. Likewise, the user may not, under any circumstances or means, disguise opinions or contents of a racist, xenophobic, sexist, pornographic, discriminatory nature or that may be offensive to users or the Administration, being aware that such acts may suppose his expulsion from the game. 13.- These general conditions are complemented by the rules of the game that appear published on the web, all of which are mandatory for users who freely decide to access them. 14.- These general conditions may be subject to future changes, which will be announced in the game. The user agrees to review them regularly, and is aware that participation in the game implies acceptance. Mail for communication with the Administration:: [email protected] This site is also subject to the Terms and Conditions of InfoMMO.es <a href="http://www.infommo.es/avisolegal">Términos y condiciones de InfoMMO.es</a>
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