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Warriors of the realm
AliveLevelNameLocationRaceSexLast On
Unconscious 13 Farmboy cumlord Degolburg Dwarf Male 716 days
Yes 10 Farmboy ElvisMax Degolburg Elf Male 65 days
Unconscious 10 Farmgirl Herthz Degolburg Human Female 455 days
Unconscious 8 Page Mikegarciagm Degolburg Human Male 839 days
Yes 8 Farmboy AnubisSoul Degolburg Human Male 78 days
Unconscious 8 Farmboy BrizarofDerry Degolburg Troll Male 253 days
Unconscious 5 Page Sil Degolburg Human Female 475 days
Unconscious 5 Farmboy Oromarth Degolburg Human Male 570 days
Unconscious 5 Farmboy Orphius Degolburg Elf Male 135 days
Unconscious 4 Centurion Belver Degolburg Human Male 330 days
Yes 4 Farmboy kakashi Degolburg Elf Male 47 days
Yes 4 Farmboy Sekai Degolburg Human Male 41 days
Yes 4 Farmgirl Synder Isle of Wen Elf Female 22 days
Yes 3 Admin IDMarinas Degolburg Elf Male 3 days
Yes 3 Farmgirl Azera Isle of Wen Elf Female 32 days
Unconscious 3 Farmgirl Dragonflye Degolburg Dwarf Female 822 days
Unconscious 3 Farmgirl Haronaye Degolburg Human Female 844 days
Unconscious 3 Farmboy JoeDirt Degolburg Elf Male 795 days
Unconscious 3 Farmboy Kroz Degolburg Troll Male 143 days
Yes 3 Farmboy Soup Isle of Wen Troll Male 787 days
Unconscious 3 Farmgirl SurrexitAutemGratiae Degolburg Dwarf Female 476 days
Yes 2 Farmboy Arattz Isle of Wen Elf Male 364 days
Yes 2 Farmboy blackshadow Degolburg Human Male 298 days
Yes 2 Farmboy Harrold Degolburg Dwarf Male 71 days
Yes 2 Farmgirl hekathe Isle of Wen Elf Female 459 days
Yes 1 Farmboy Aner Isle of Wen Elf Male 362 days
Yes 1 Farmboy AragonV Isle of Wen Elf Male 35 days
Yes 1 Farmboy ataka Degolburg Horrible Gelatinous Blob Male 1 day
Yes 1 Farmboy Diablovasco Degolburg Dwarf Male 311 days
Yes 1 Farmboy Elrohir Isle of Wen Human Male 99 days
Yes 1 Farmboy juliusgaius Isle of Wen Human Male 359 days
Yes 1 Farmboy Moonknife Isle of Wen Elf Male 24 days
Yes 1 Farmboy nogger Isle of Wen Elf Male 347 days
Yes 1 Farmgirl shinjukku Isle of Wen Horrible Gelatinous Blob Female 48 days
Yes 1 Farmboy testeh Isle of Wen Human Male 135 days
Yes 1 Farmboy Theodore Isle of Wen Human Male 94 days
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